Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New graphic

Its only few days since Ati intorduced their Radeon 5xxx serie, and simultaneously microsoft released their new Windows, called easily 7. And together with W7 came a new graphic interface, DirectX 11. Now supported only by already mentioned Radeons 5x serie. And what it brings? of course, tons of new graphical effects, games will be more realistic (or unreal, depends on use). Its allways nice to see new hardware is really working, so it was a little trouble, that there wasnt any game using DX11 until now. But now it is real, first game using DX11, brings new details, new effects. Its called Battleforge, and in fact, it was written for DX 10, but programmers made patch to use 11. And it looks really nice, but a bit slow, on videos i seen. But we will still wait for games really build for DX 11, it will took some time to make them.


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