Saturday, July 10, 2004

Toshiba presents 2 new RISC processors.

Toshiba has presented two new 64 bit RISC processors. They are working on frequency 533 and 667 mhz, should be used in laser printers and have cache 32 KB L1 and 256 L2.

Sony is manufacturing 2 gb microdrive.

Sony started manufacturing microdrive as big as creditcard. Its capacity is 2 gigabytes, it is working with USB 2.0 interface, Should be to buy within month with price around 250 dollars.

PCI Express and DDR-II on new ALi chipset

ALi Corporation announced start of manufacturing new chipset called ALi M1685. It contains all newest technologies such as: DDR-II, PCI Express x16, 200 mhz system bus (800 mhz QDR) supporting memories from 266mhz, to 400 DDR and 400-667 mhz DDR-II. Its southbridge should contain USB 2.0, Serial ATA, slower PCI Express ports and maybe raid and 1G ethernet.

64 bit windows dont work on intel.

Microsoft officially considered that current betavrsion of Windows XP 64 bit edition was configured and tested only with AMD processors, and cannot work on Intel processors with nocona core. Microsoft is currently working on newer version of Win XP and Win Server 2003 supporting both cores.

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