Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Graphic cards for notebooks

By Nvidia. they are faster than current notebook graphics, but both (8600m GS and GT) are less powerfull that their dsektop brothers. Which is pretty important, becuase those desktop cards are shitty. Only expensive hardware, which brings no output, so what will be their less powerfull copies in notebooks? Hm, people with brain knows, that notebooks are good to be mobile, but really not to play.. And this definitelly confirms this.
8600m GS have 16 stream processors, core running on 600 mhz, shaders on 1200 mhz. 8600m GT have 32 shaders on 950 mhz, core on 475. Both cards are using poor 128 bit memory bus, up to 512 mbytes ram.

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