Saturday, February 17, 2007

InPhase started supplying of holographic units

Its 2-3 years since company called InPhase announced that they can save data holographic way, so 1 small card can contain hundreds of gigabytes. Than was few years of silence. And now they finally introduced their device called Tapestry HDS-300R onto market. It is using small holographic medias, with capacity 300 GBs, allowing to backup incredible amounts of data. And they are promising, that new version of this device should be able to contain 1,6 TB on a single (not disc, its card size piece of polymer) medium. But, all new technologies have its own problem: Price. Tapestry HDS-300R cost 18000 USD, and price of data bearer itself is unknown. But its really promising way, how to write incredible amount of data on small piece of polymer. Data density is much, much higher than on HD DVD or Blu Ray.

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