Friday, December 10, 2004

New year without Athlon xp

Company AMD definitely announced that this year ends manufacturing of theit Athlon xp class processors. AMD will only continue to manufacture Athlon 64 and Sempron class processors for home users. This is bad news, because of cheap Sempron have smaller cache and slower bus frequency than Athlon xp based on barton core, and Athlon 64 is still pretty expensive.

Opterons with reduced power consumption

Company AMD started supplying their resellers with new Opteron processors manufactured with 90nm technology. Like at their Athlon 64 dropped power consumption from 89W to 67W, so they can be easier cooled.
Simultaneously Opteron obtained 1MB cache (A64 have only 512 KB). Currently are being sold with this new core those models: 146, 246, 846 and 248.

Computer mounted within 2 minutes

Biostar is starting to sell their new barebone mini pc iDEQ 300G. They looks great and due to their unique construction you shoudl be able to add all necessary parts in it within 2 minutes. Internal case order is based on btx platform.

New passive heatsink from thermaltake

Those who prefer silent computers will surely joy over message that thermaltake starting manufacturing passive heatsink for graphics cards. It is called Schooner Fanless VGA Cooler, based on technology of heatpipes and completely silent beacuse its fanless. Special clips allows it to be mounted on nearly all ati and nvidia cards, you should only think about fact that outstanding part of heatsink will be hot and dont let anything touch it.

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