Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Passed time

And i am here again. Must say sorry, i have problems with health, work and was addict on online gaming, so cant write here anything. But now it changed again, i am able to work, and also bring here technical news. First of them today is announcement mady by Microsoft, windows vista will be available at 2007. Lets hope that promised safety tests arent only blur made over another problems, fact is, that windows allways had many safety problems.

And second today news is very interesting, Nvidia is working on technology calleh Havok FX, which should allow graphic card to compute physical interactions between items and particles. So same work as should do Ageia PhysX, but directly on graphic card. SLI is highly recommended, for that. Engine isnt finished yet, but look very interesting. At least with two graphic card your comp will run better games which dont support any physical acceleration.

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