Saturday, January 21, 2006

First cards with G-Force 7300

It was supposed they will bear name 7200, but (probably due to X1300 ATI cards i think) Nvidia finally named those cards 7300. Those chips are first first Nvidia desktop pieces made by 90nm technology, and run pretty fast (for low end of course). They should work on 550 mhz, with memories on 800 mhz, which allows pretty good throughput, even with 64 bit memories (which seems to me are only problem, if that cards will be able to use 128 bit memory, they will be very good.) But it still should have pretty good output for reasonable price.

Friday, January 20, 2006

AMD with more cache?

AMD is duscuting with Innovative Silicon Inc about using their memory which is described as zero-capacitor memory, (Z-RAM). It allows much more density, because it doesnot contain capacitators which in normal memory takes lot of space. AMD wan to use that memory as processor cache, which can give then much more power.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

80 nm chips

TSMC, one of leaders in manufacturing of chips is now starting using new manufacturing process, which will allow them to reduce size of single chip by 20%. That is only minor change, but it will probably bring slightly lower prices, cause from same waffer will be manufactured 20% more chips. Also they will probably heat slightly less, so they wont make too much noise from cooling etc. 80 nm process is not completely new, its only optimalization of 90 mn, but it still can bring some good. (Remember, first pentium was only optimalised 486.. And also when Intel have pentium on 60 mhz with problems when counting, AMD have 486 on 133 mhz fine working..)

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