Friday, January 27, 2006

New AMD platforms will support 4 core processors

By Marty Seyer, Vice president of comercial business and Performance Computing division of AMD will new platforms (socket M2 and 1207) support 4 cored processors. It is same, as 939 and 940 sockets support dual cored. But, msot exciting on that message is that AMD is going to show 4 cores together with those new sockets, which means that AMD also have prepared working 65 nm manufacturing technology, and can introduce it any moment. Both new sockets (and processors into them of course) are expected to be shown on CeBIT. Nice, more power is allways needed.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Intel demonstrated chips manufactured by 45 nm process

Intel made another step in chip manufacturing technology and demonstrated SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) made by process 45 nm. Which should probably be demonstration of their manufacturing superiority over others, its not long time since they demonstrated first processors made by 65 nm. THat sounds good, but there are also news, that 65 nm processors heat only few percent less than its current P4s.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dirk Meyer became new president of AMD

Former president of AMD Hector Ruiz is no more president, but only Chief Executive Officer and also Chairman of the Board. Dirk Meyer cames to AMD in 1995, year leter was promoted to director of team working on Athlon processors. In his carrier he also worked some time for Intel and Alpha. And now, when 44 years old, he had been named as president of entire AMD, lets hope it will be change to good.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

AMD prices changed!

AMD announced new prices of their processors, so lets look. Prices of opterons will rise, (only which goes cheaper is most powerfull model) but prices of all X2 dual cored processors and also FX series will go down, for Athlon FX 57 and X2 4800 is it about 20% price down. So those new prices will probably glad those who want buy powerfull processors, those who want low end opteron as cheap and powerfull variant wont be pleased.

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