Saturday, October 15, 2005

Samsung will pay 300M $

Korean manufacturer of memory chips Samsung was now sentenced to pay 300 milions dollars as penalty, for unallowed cartel pact, they made together with Hynix and Infineon. It was shortly after earthquake on Thaiwan and they all risen price of memories high, and they also were sharing together information about their custommers. Hynix already paid 185 milions and Infineon 160 milions. It is true, that this was really dirty commercial act, which dammaged all custommers.

Friday, October 14, 2005

AMD will introduce A64 X2 5000+

Hey, i really dont love AMD so much, but who else have today powerfull chips? Now they announced that they will soon introduce on market processor A64 on rating 5000+. It will work on current 939 socket, and have two cores with 512 Kb cache for each. Because it work on frequency 2600 MHz, its each core will be faster than most powerfull single cored processor, which have rating 4000+ and works on 2400 MHz. I want it, I want that in my pc. (And i am one of few people who will have use for similar chip.)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

AMD have good results

AMD officially presented their results for q3. Their income was 1,53 bilions of dollars, (which is 23% better than year before) And their profit was 76 milions, (last year it was 43). AMD is selling more processors, since they accused Intel from making dirty tricks, and more and more computer resellers are now working with both of them.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

AMD wants to heve 30% of market

Hector Ruiz, leader of AMD said that he want within 3-4 years AMD to manufacture 100 milions of processors every year. That will represent about 25-30% of all processors sold. SHare of AMD on market is growing since they introduced their 64bit processors, because they are powerfull, not so hot, and they have reasonable prices. And now when in friday they will open new Fab36 they will double their manufacturing potencial. So expect, that lack of AMD processors will be no more.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

NVidia is preparing cards with 512MB memory

Nvidia is currently preparing graphical cards with 512MB of memory. It is probable that NVidia wants their cards out on market before Ati will introduce their X1800 XT. Bigger memory comes allways as logical step with more powerfull processors on cards, in time when developers starting making new graphical engines with new abilities and bigger and better textures.

Monday, October 10, 2005

There wont be regions in HD-DVD

In HD-DVD wont exist regions, which can make you problems with normal DVD. It will make users happy, because they will be able to play every movie released in every country, without fear, that they will have problems. Also were agreed standartized formats of HD-DVDs media. They are HD DVD-Rom, HD DVD-R (writable) and HD DVD-RW (rewritable).

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