Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nobody wants dualcored pentium D

Intel expected that in Q3 share of sold dualcored D pentiums will be about 10% and in Q4 about 15%. But it seems to be much less. Its because of incompatibility with i915/i925 chipsets. Chipsets i945/i955 cost more, and there isnt much motherboards for it. And more than this, Amd Athlon X2 are much more powerfull and they need less elektricity. And also users are waiting for cheap models of X2, because its expected they will cost less than Intel.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

AMD prosecuted Intel

AMD Company is prosecuting Intel, that they are using dirty tricks to stand higer on market with processors. It is needed to say, that Intel processors are not bad, and they came earlier, so it is natural they are occupied big part of market, but they are not as good to be so spread. AMD now bring legal action against intel, because intel are using some dirty tricks such as: To DEll and Toshiba Intel paid to be the only suplier of hardware produced by them. Intel also increased prices for hw resellers who were selling higher ammounts of AMD processors based systems, (HP was forced to base more than 90% of its production on Intel). Further Intel forced companies to boycott AMD newer technologies, until Intel developes something similar. Also they have blocked AMD to access into important forums of developers (such as DRAM standarts). And at least, they dammaged AMD by optimalizating compilators only to Intel processors, So many programs have lesser performance on AMD.

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