Friday, November 24, 2006

VIA will split into 3

VIA corporation will be split into three different pieces, manufacturing: cpu platforms, chipsets and multimedias. It should help whole corporation to gain more profits. but its complete different way how to do this, than chosen Intel, AMD etc. All those joint with other corporations, only via wants to split self. Just wait what it will bring, i remember time, when they were manufacturing good chipsets, and cheap processors for office use, maybe that time will return.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

UMC created 45 nm memory chips

United Microelectronics Corporation, one of leaders in semiconductor secto announced that they succesfully created 45 nm SRAM memory chips. They are being manufactured by special technique, using extremly clean water between optics and 300 mm silicone waffer. Also new special materials (low k dielectric) and new technologies (ultra shallow junction) are being used. By UMC that results in 50% smaller memory cells than when 65nm process is being used, and they are 30% faster. Just they didnt said how long it will take to prepare whole technology to be used in mass manufacturing.

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