Saturday, September 16, 2006

Intel will release 4 cored processor soon

Its really short time after Intel started to manufacture and sell dual core processors, and now they anounce 4 core coming soon. How is that possible? Should it mean, that they engineers worked 24/7 for several months? No, fact is much more simple, They just taken 2 conroe chips, and somehow patched them together. Ya, that mean, that on final product, there will be really 4 cores, but its fake 4 core, cause they are connected externaly. Whole thing have to work exactly as if you have dual motherboard and add two Conroe cored processors into it. Those 2 connected together to "new chip" with codename Kentsfield should work on 2,66 ghz frequency, and bus freq should be 1066 mhz. Only problem is, that many applications (and games) arent made for more than 1 core/processor and thus they wont work faster, even on 8 cored system. For such usage is still better one "as fast as possible" processor.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AMD swithcing manufacturing to 65 nm

AMD should be able to start selling processors manufactured ba 65nm process during october. By Toraf Gueldner, (chief of manufacturing in both AMD factories in Dresden) AMD started to amnufacture chips by 65 nm in june, and since september, they are being manufactured at full capacities. But its still unknown which chips AMD now manufacture by 65 nm process, and which are their specifications. We can only speculate, that if they do it same way as when they were changing 130 nm process for 90 nm, they will first do mobile processors, than desktop ones and server pieces will be last.

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