Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Intel introduced new 2 processor computer.

It is using two 4 cored (kentsfield) processors. Its obviously answer to AMD Quad FX system. Intel named its own system V8, its using 2 quad cored 2,4ghz processors workinh on 1066 mhz bus and FB-Dimm memories. (As i know, FB Dimms arent usable, they need more power than processor and had to be cooled by big fan.) In machine is installed GF 8800GTX graphic card, and in CPU Mark (3D Mark 06 probably) it done 6089 points. Core 2 Duo E6400 have about 1600. Hm, seems those 2 processors together can compute really fast, but whole machine have to produce extreme heat. From photo it seems, that whole case is made from BIG fans only. But people who can buy such machine neednt to count bills for elektricity.

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