Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nforce 4 SATA have problems with 3 of 5 drives

Fact that nforce 4 chipset have problems with some Serial ata drives is known for long time, but there is new and rather shocking disclosure of facts with which hard drives are problems. Its affects many Seagate, Hitachi and Maxtor drives, which together represents 3/5 of market, so before buying any drive you should ensure that its non problematic combination. What are exactly mean by word problems? Facts that board based on that chipset sometimes cant detect drive at all, sometimes it can work sloooowly and even worse, it can lost some data. Sometimes copies of files dont match, what it can cause know everybody who know computer. I think problems is not just in chipset and drives, by me to all this adds also problematic serial ata interface, which wasnot clear from its start. Just remember what problems had drives which were native IDE, and were connected throught Sata. Its not about loving old technology, but when that new is problematic, i will stay at old ones.

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