Saturday, October 21, 2006

Security in IE7?

Dont make me laugh, such thing doesnt exist. Just 24 hours after releasing was discovered, that it contains same security hole as IE6. And it doesnt mean newly discovered hole, it was reported more than 3 years ago, and never repaired. And now its clear taht even new version of IE contains it. Sorry, but software which want at least look as secured, cant work this way. Only lucky thing is, that it is not critical hole.. only makes IE to redirekt somewhere else. (But on that new place can be virused page and you have problem..)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sony screwed

Not only batteries they supplied to big notebooks manufacturers, but even those they used into their own machines. It sounds incredible, but Sony itself have to replace 300K batteries in Vaio notebooks. Ya, in this extremly small and light notebook can bad battery do much more damage, than in other machines. I lost contact with this whole affair: Did number of bad batteries made by Sony reached 8 milions already? Incredible number, and company will lost much more than only price of those batteries. (most of ingredients can be recykled i think..) Much worse is loosing of their good name. Lets say it openly: Who will buy anything with Sony battery in say next 5 years?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How to destroy CD?

It isnt easy task.. How to destroy data on CD or DVD, and not damage it, so all problematic molecules from organic colors wouldnt damage earth? Plextor thinks, that they solved problem. Solution is called PlexEraser PX-0E100E, and it looks just as normal optical mechanic. And it is in innards probably similar, but it dont read CDs. Instead of it, they are being burned again, not important by what data.. After few minutes, CD (DVD) contains much more zeroes than before, and all private data burned on it are destroyed. Only one thing is really annoying. That thing which is absolutely similar to any normal CD Writer should cost 250$.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

License system for Vista

How will work license system in Windovs Vista? On older systems we were used to install system at one computer and use it. That if needed uninstall on that first, and install them to another. But this should change. Vista will be installed from original dvd only twice, and after that it should be useless. It is nonsense, when whole system have to be reinstalled after all hardware changes, after virus affection, after year at most? Seems Microsoft thinks all will be ok, and people will pay more and more.

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