Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rydemark Finally software for benchmarking high end computers?

Candella Software from United Kingdom announced that they are about releasing new benchmark tool. Hm, there are many benchmarking softwares, so what should be special about new one? This one called Rydermark will use new patented game engine, specially engineered to use more threads and high end pcs. To run it you will need at least dual cored processor, and graphic card with 512 Mb ram and Shader Model 3.0. Hm, i wonder how much time it will take graphic card manufacturers to decompile whole program and "optimalize" (cheat) their drivers for it. Think we all know how this made both, Nvidia and also ATI. I fear, that who made such cheat once, will make it again.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Again Sony

This time not about batteries, but they still have problems. This time with Us Department of Justice. They want Sony to clear up some things, about selling SRAM memories. Together with Sony wants DoJ talk with representatives of Samsung Electronics Co., Elpida Memory Inc., Infineon Technologies AG a Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Seems they will have problems, DoJ probably thinks there are some cartel agreement between them, about prices of memories. Sony already lost 94% of profit because of bad batteries they supplied to notebook manufacturers, if they have to pay fine for some cartel agreements, they will reach red numbers i think. Not good for them.

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