Tuesday, July 13, 2004

New motherboards tested.

By some hardware servers there are not as big difference between older inter based motherborads and their new grantsdale and alderwood chipsets as was expected. Despite fact that those new boards are using new DDR-II memory, their performance seems to be nearly the same compared with older board equipped with i875p chipset. But those new boards contains pci express slot, and with later graphic card there should be more difference.

Taiwan manufacturers of notebooks are moving to china.

Big manufacturers of portable computers Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics and First International Computer (FIC) for example are planning to move theri factories from taiwan to china. They will kick off about 1500 people.

Windows xp service pack 2 delayed again.

Second sevice pack shouldnt be completed until august. Microsoft is said to have problems with compatibility between service pack and other software.

La cie, biggest disk on earth.

Lacie thinks that users needs more than their previous drive with capacity of 1 terabyte, so they started to manufacture new external drive with capacity 1,6 terabytes. this new external drive is connected to computer throught firewire interface only.

Thermaltake XController

This new device manufactured by thermaltake is to be mounted into 5,25” allows you to control up to 4 fans connected throught 4 or 3 pin connectors. Those four controllers are underlighted by multicolored led, its color shows status of fan. Red=stopped, blue=minimal work, green=full. This useful thing should cost less than 20$.

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