Thursday, December 14, 2006

New super hyper 3d display from LG

Its not long time, since LG announced they have display, which throught many mirrors create illusion of 3d items. And now i had possiblility to see it. First, i will consider, that because of showing more than 1 image at moment, it need specially rendered pictures or videos, and also movie need to be specially taken, it consumes lot of data. And effect? At first look i would say, nice display. Really big, clean, sharp picture, no blur, no fog. But where is that 3d effect? Manufacturer says it works in some distance before display, so i stnad there, and watched. And ya, some times it seems that itam on scene lies in space, but to call this breakthrought technology, and want thousands and thousands of bucks for it? No chance, its only demonstration of science, not usable to mass manufacturing.

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