Saturday, October 14, 2006

Libya want buy milion of 100$ notebooks

Such poor country as Libya wnat to buy more than milion notebooks for $100. It will be first country working within project One Laptop Per child. It will cost together with lessons to teachers, servers and internet connections more than 250 milions of $. incredible, they will buy computers, when dont have anything to eat?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ended support for Windows XP Service Pack 1

Microsoft oficially announced end of supporting MS Windows XP Service Pack 1 (1a). That means no more security patches, no error repairments will be done for this. All users are now forced to switcvh to using Service Pack 2 or have unsecured computer. (Hm, should that mean SP2 is secured? With all those monthly repair of more and more known critical errors?) SP1 was supported more than 2 years after releasing SP2, which is unusually long. Normally Microsoft cut off all support for older Service Packs after one year.

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