Saturday, October 29, 2005

Maxtor introduced 500 Gb drives

Maxtor started to supply market with drivex DiamondMax 11 and MaxLinepro 500. They have interface ATA133 or SATA2, 16 Mb buffer and 7200 rpm. SATA model supports hotplug (which means you can plug it into running computer) and NCQ (which is that requests are reordered to maximal eficient moves of heads). Both drives contains also technology which should remove shaking from odther drives, and so prolong life. And also something called Expanded drive self test, which should test drive for problems and report it instead of waiting for loosing all data.

Friday, October 28, 2005

VIA K8M890 new chipset

IT is new chipset for AMD processors with integrated graphic core. it is S3 Graphics DeltaChrome Integrated Graphics, so it should be slightly better than others integrated graphics. Other atributes are: VIa Ultra V-Link bus between north and south bridge, allowing 1gb throughput, Hd vinyl audio 5.1 or 7.1, ATA133, Serial ATA, network interface 1gb and 8 usb ports. I will bet, that if boards based on it will be cheap, it should be exelent base for office computer.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sony sold 10 milions of PSP

Sony officially announced that they have already sold 10 milions of PlayStation Portable. In northern America they sold 4.47 milions, in Asia 3 and in europe 2.53 milions. But interesting is, that on those 10 milions devices, they sold only 19.6 milions games. It is less than 2 on every PlayStation, strange.

Benq have grey to grey reaction in 2 ms.

Benq introduced extra fast display, it need to change color from grey to color or backwards only two miliseconds. Which even i, enemy of LCDs have to admit is really enough for everybody. That display is 19" big, its maximal resolution is 1024*1280. Have 300cd/m3 luminosity, and contrast is 700:1 and it will take 40 watts. It have analog vga and dogital DVI interface. Price is unknown.

Monday, October 24, 2005

New xeons? Slow and power hungry!

By test made are new Intel Xeon processors based on paxwille core only eating more and more power, but their output doesnot match. Even unload they eat about 135 Watts, when fully load more than 150. And not even that, they dont have adequate performance. Yes, in applications which supports dual core they are slightly faster than single cored Xeons, but compared with Opteron, they loose. Fastest Xeon is slower than slowest Opteron. Truth obviously is, that Intel released dual cored processors only to do not allowe AMD take better position on market, but they are not as good as expected, and Intel is only wasting its good name by doing tests on custommers.

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