Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Its only few days after introducing first motherboards using DDR III memories, and manufacturers are bidding more and more of those now. Heh, to be honest, first DDR III memory modules were on market sooner than boards supporting them, but now they are finally usefull, because you can put them into right board. What DDR III brings? DDR 3 memories will work on even higher frequencies than current DDR 2, (1000, 1300 and 1600 mhz, and promised are even more faster pieces) but timing is problem. To me seems that old DDR working on 5/2/2/2 timing on 400 mhz have better times than DDR 2 15/5/5/5 on 800 mhz. And new DDR 3 with timing 27/9/9/9 on 1300 mhz (Corsair, which mean, those are FAST.. what terrible timing will have slower ones?) are even worse. But after those say empty cycles, when they start working.. Throughput is nice. But this all force processor to have better prediction, because in moment it runs out of data, it takes a long time to seek them in memory and read. Hope in few months there will be even faster DDR 3 modules, and than manufacturers will cut those latencies..

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