Saturday, May 06, 2006

Quad SLI

HEy, that sounds great. Within few days (week) there should be first nVidia GeForce 7950 GX2 card, which will allow you to make Quad SLI in your home pc. (If you are milionaire probably, they will be really expensive) Cards will contain 2 nVidia 7900 chips (500 mhz), with 512 mb memory for each of them (ya, really 1GB of graphic memory on card) memory would rum at 1,2 ghz. But there are some problems, first is price. Its supposed cards will cost around 800-900$. Also those who will buy can expect problems with drivers. And that isnt all, each card would consume 143 watts, so for quad sli you can expect 280-290 watts taken only by graphic cards. (Hm, that mean pc with fast processor, big memories, say 4 drives, dvd rw etc can eat about 600 watts + monitor can take 100 more. Need personal own power plant for that..)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Working SLI on ATI board

SLI can work on any board that contain at least 2* PCIe 8X, but fact that hardware allows it to work is not as important. Problem is, that Nvidia want to be paid for each boar that directly supports SLI, so many manutfacturers ignore it. BUt there are maniacs who want to do things just because nobody did it so far, and they are trying to run SLI at each board. And now one of them (call himself Coolaler) made working SLI on board DFI CFX320 DR. He persuaded drivers that they run on Nvidia board, and it worked. Hm, i dont see any practical use of that, but its interesting of course.

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