Thursday, May 03, 2007

Long time

Sory, it was a long time, since i written something here. I feel bad about it, but i was sick, in hospital, without computer there. And many things happend during that time. For example, Nvidia released their 8500 and 8600 based graphic cards, and? Big surprise, they are overpriced shit, nobody expected this. Yesterday, Sun announced, they have sucessfully working 16 core UltraSPARC processors (Solaris 10 is running on them) which is also pretty important. But of course, not for people running their homemade pc, playing there games under Windows. Those things will be in powerfull (and expensive) servers. Interesting thing is, that such processor have much better power than current PC (Intel and AMD) on lower frequency. Say on 1 ghz, which mean they dont heat so much. And now intel announced, that they are 2 years ahead of AMD with their 45 nm technology. Which seems little strange, because AMD said, they will start 45 nm manufacturing next year. Just hope both of them told truth, because its way, how to have cheap and powerfull computer. Do you remember time, when only processor cost more than $1000? I dont want them back.

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