Thursday, January 18, 2007

HP announced breakthrought, they can make chips at 8* density

New technology, which will allow to make much more transistors on chip announced HP. They discovered how to make wires between transistors much thinner, than they are now. And because 90% of chip innards are wires, this will help much more than to amnufacture smaller transistors. HP says, that using current best 45 mn made transistors, connected by nanowires, density of all components in chip will grow up 8 times. Which is really, really much. And there is another BIG advantage of this, it wouldnt need new factories to manufacture. Only small modifications of current manufacturing processes, and you can do it. Nice, lets hope this technology will be availabe for mass production soon, because it can create incredible things. Just think about power of 16 or 32 cored processor. It can cumpute everything, but consume same power as current 2 core. Nice..

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