Friday, July 28, 2006

Google will pay $90M

Before some time Google was accused from selling advertising space (adwords program) in way, which can result in cheat clicks, and 70 companies who paid milions of dollars want their money back. And now court has decided. Google is guilty, their advertising program can really cheat their custommers, and they should recieve back (not in cash, but in more adwertising credit) $3,8 for each $1000 spend in last 4,5 years. That dont sound like high sum of money, but when you count that google use really much people, its (together with payments to lawyers who should also recieve more than $ 30 000 000) sum of 90 milions of dollars. That is prettz big hole in accountancy. Google of course told, they will take measures that will prevent of repeating this situation.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hitachi-LG BlueRay writer

Hitachi-LG GBW-H10N is the only BluRay writer capable of writing 4X speed on BD-R and BD-RE disks. That means speed 18MB/s and that is now i would say best possible spped, because of system throughput. Current harddrives read data in speed around 50-60 MB per second, but thats only when readed data are on same track and together. When there are mechanical delays (moving heads to new position, waiting until drive rotates to right position etc..) speed is going down. There are some delays between riding data from one device, and send them to another to write, so i think that real speed will be less than proclaimed 4X. But there is big plus, because this drive can also read and write CDs and DVDs. Price is set to $923, which is pretty fair. (Whoa, after long time first article where is not placed AMD.. but ist really only because AMD make many things those days.)

AMD demonstrated 4X4 platform

4X4 is based on dual socketed board, capable of running two AM2 dualcore processors simultaneously. They demonstrated on 2 Athlons 64 FX in one board. So in reality it brings extreme power to those who need to run much programs simultaneously. Ya, its really good for multitasking when on one core runs 5 applikations instead of 20, but i would say that people who will really use such system are few. But its can be big advertising, especially because there are rumours taht AMD want to sell for those computers both processors (and maybe even motherboard) for price under $1000. (Now they cost over $800 for 1 piece.) Just hope thet also rumours that even weaker processors should be used in those boards are true.. Because IF.. imagine system containing two 4600+ processors which now cost only $250 per piece.. That will be extremly powerfull, and not so expensive comp.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

AMD lowered prices

ANd there are some good news for those who prefer AMD processors in their pcs. AMD lowered nearly all prices, and this time its not about 1% down as usual. Many processors (including those really powerfull, dual cored 4600+ and 5000+ models went down more than 50%, so dont wait, buy them whenever you can, this is really amazing price drop. For example Athlon X2 64 5000+ cost now only $300. OF course when you take at least 1000 pieces, but this means that in shops they should be available for prices starting somewhere around $350 instead of more than 700 as before.

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