Saturday, July 08, 2006

Office 2007 Will suport ODF

ODF, Open Document Format will be supported even by Microsoft Office 2007. Just to be sure, not included in Microsoft software, but There are already finished filters (on sourceforge) which will allow to open and write ODF together with Word. Support for another Microsoft office programs such as Excel or Outlook will be finished soon. But that doesnt mean all documents will be ok, there are some features in both formats, which arent included in that second one. Hope some time there will be era without problematic Microsoft software, and Open formats will rule. Or at least they will have support directly in Microsoft products, no that somebody will have to create format converter.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Xbox 360 wouldnt contain HD-DVD

Microsoft oficially demented possibility, that their new game console Xbox 360 should in special edition contain internal HD-DVD drive. HD-DVD will exist in external version, like exist external drives (not important of which type) for notebooks. Microsoft didnt mentioned price ofexternal drive for Xbox, but it will be probably high. Hm, when Microsoft say something wont exist, and didnt work, its ultimately true.. Worse is it when they promise something will work.

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