Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sun is manufacturing servers with four opterons

Sun microsystems, known as manufacturer of powerfull workstations and servers, presented sever Fire v40z
which can be equipped with up to four AMD Opteron processors. Accepted are chips Opteron 844, 848, 850.
Sun continues in using standard hardware combined with their own solaris system.

OCZ will made faster memory

Company OCZ remade their memory modules PC4000 to lower latention. That means higer performance and better overclocking possibilities. Memory OCZ PC4000 Gold verzion 2.0 works on 500 MHz with timing CL2,5 3-3 and supporting Extended Voltage Protection, so user can set voltage between 2,8-3,0 V without loosing guarantee.

IBM finishing dual core PowerPC procesor

IBM is finishing new version of processor PowerPc 970 called G5 used in Apple computers. New processor with codename Antares (PowerPC 970MP) will have two cores. for testing purposes it should be made at end of summer, manufacturing will start in 2005. It is supposed that manufacturers of PowerPC based systems will make even four processored variants of those for maximum performance.

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