Friday, August 12, 2005

Successor of netburst in two weeks

Many eyes are looking forward to upcoming Inter Developing Forum (IDF) with hope. In days 23-25 august will be in San Francisco revealed new chip which should replace old netburst technology. New chip with codename Merom should be partially based on technology which now posess processors Pentium M and should be on market during second half of 2006.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Problems with IE patches

Microsoft today asured, that some of their newly released patches can be not working. There was something bad happened when they were uploading those new patches onto microsoft download center, and some of them wasnot complete here. Luckily those fragments didnot made crc test, so they cant be installed. Microsoft announced that they will reupload it soon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

LCD manufacturers have success lately.

Companies Benq, Amtran technology, Coretronics and Jean have lately very successfull time, because of LCDs are still more and more popular throught the world. They are manufacturing (and selling) more and more LCDs, and less of CRT monitors. Lets hope that they will soon sell LCDs which have parameters like normal monitor. (I dont love LCD, because of long latency, low contrast, bad brightness and limited angle of wiew. But now it seems that who wants to get good monitor have its last chance, and soon you cant buy anything else than LCD.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Intel wants lower power consumption for processors

Intel wants to make processors which consume less power, that is already known for some time. They have to, because of power imput, (and so heating) of some current models are really very high, and there is big problem with coolign, but today they finaly announced how it will be. So, it will all start with new Conroe core baseed chips, which should be manufactured by technology 65nm. Conroe chips should contain two cores, with cache 2 and 4 megabytes (some people believes it means 2 or 4 megabytes for each core). Those processors wouldnt contain hyperthreading technology, and theri total power consumption should be about 35 watts for each core. And they should be compatible with current LGA775 socket. But when we will se first of them? Nobody knows.

Monday, August 08, 2005

nVidia will be cheaper

In Thursday 11th August will nVidia officially release graphical chip GeForce 7800GT, which is derivate from 7800GTX. As consequence of this, nVidia will lower prices of GeForce 6800 series. GeForce 6800 Ultra should cost $399, 6800GT $299 and 6800 only $199. Lets hope it is true.

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