Thursday, February 02, 2006

First bug in IE7 discovered within 15 minutes

15 minutes after IE 7 beta 2 version went out of Microsoft, was discovered first bug in it. Its nice, because Microsoft announced that 7 version should be much more safe than previous. Much better is fact, that this bug is absolute new, wasnt in any previous version of IE. What is it? When IE meet src=// and very long char chain within, it crash.. And more than crash, when used proper code, attacker may take controll of computer. Really nice little thingie, dont you think?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Windows vista will be late

By Jima Allchin, president of Microsoft division Platform Products & Services will Windows Vista appear in shops in day when he will retire. Its not joke, he want to retire in few coming months, but it also mean that already really late Vista will be even later than expected. It is (as said) because Microsoft want better stability and security of their new product. Sad is, that Vista (under codename Longhorn) is being developed since 2003 (maybe some parts even sooner) and still not complete. Just hope this time will be at least truth that system will work and will be compatible with older applications.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

IE 7

From Microsoft escaped unfinished version of Internet Explorer 7. It support CSS, and also some RSS. It should finally open certified pages without problems. BUt its still unfinished, and unknown thing is, how much is this version similar to final? Microsoft of course dont say.

Monday, January 30, 2006

New Google toolbar

Google released new version of toolbar, this have number 4.0. It bring some new features (as expected) and also is first which comes in two defferent distributions, one for home, second for companies (hmm, where is difference? that your chief will recieve your mails before you?). New function is about bookmarks, which will be now stored on google server, and you can access them from any computer. There will be also advanced searcheing, rss feed functions and also possibility to send somebody page throught mail, sms or directly to phone. Nice, but seems to me that shared bookmarks can do problems. Just remember Us government is trying to force Google to give up search database, when they will demand all bookmarks?

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