Saturday, September 08, 2007

Toshiba introduced new 1.8" drives

160 GBs of space, need power input only 0.002 W/GB (0.32W total) and CE ATA interface which should improve performance.. Those are really impresive parameters of new 1,8" drives introduce by Toshiba. They are following trends to miniaturize together with better performance. How long is it from times, when such drive would be top performance device used in desktop? (and 2 years before it would be best drive even for servers heh) Some people may ask: Why use such thing in mobile device, instead of solid flash memories used as drive? Easy answers: A) there isnt solid state drive with 160g of space.. And B) this cost only 1 quarter of SSD price. And because its really small, it can also survive much bigger crashes than normal desktop 3.5" drive. You can kick it hard, than plug back and it will probably work.

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