Friday, August 04, 2006

Trend Micro blog about malware

Trend Micro Incorporated, well known cantivirus software developer started new service for all internet users. It is say.. blog about malware, articles should be written by developer specialists, and directly in time, they found new form of bad programs, so be really aactual. If this will work as promised, there will be published adresses of spyware, phishing and similar pages nearly instantly. But i see one little problem: Who will know about this service, and who will use it? Yes, its nice, ya its free, but WHO will (when recieve link to nice page) first look there and check, if its not listed as something bad?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

200 milions copies of Firefox downloaded

Mozilla Corporation celebrated BIG event. One year and 9 months since they released first version of their open source web browser Firefox, it reached really nice number of downloaded copies: 200 milions. But this number represents only people downloading it from official firefox servers, how many people downloaded it from another sources is unknown, and also how many people downloaded it more than once. Mozilla is now preparing to release version 2.0, which should compete to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. Go, go.. everybody can do things working better than Microsoft.. I had one old computer, only used for web browsing. And must say, Firefox runs on it 2* faster than Explorer.

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