Thursday, January 31, 2008

Qimonda introduced SO-DIMM DDR3

Despite Quimonda send samples of their new notebook so dimm ddr 3 modules to notebooks manufacturing companies more than year ago, they will start mass manufacturing now. They will be available as 128Mx64 (1GB) and 256Mx64 (2GB), used ddr3 chips are manufactured by 75 nm technology. Both memory modulse should contain dynamic ODT technology, allowing to increase throughput when used as dual chanell. Those memories would be available as DDR3-800 with latency 5 or 6, 1066 latency 7-8 and DDR3-1333 with latency 8-10. To be honest, i dont see anything good in using ddr3 memories with latency 6 when you can use ddr 2 memories on same frequency with latency 4, but each product will found his user..

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