Sunday, December 24, 2006

Everything dead now

Its because christmas.. Pre christmas market open big possibilities, nut during christmas self, everything is dead. No people are updating technical servers, no news are coming out, no people are discutting about new things. Only few servers seems working, and those only support useless things. Its like on game screen, i ordered new gäme at 10 th, it should be released 15 th december. But when i showed up in shop, they said me, they dont have it now. It was 22nd when they send me mail, thay have cd ready.. AND WHAT? Which EEDIOT can suppose sbdy will move 2 days before christmas eve (better said 1 day, they mailed me in night 2 nd..) into shop for game? i will say this dont have chance, not mention how expected is that new piece. Ill say to them: USE MIND.. got games faster, than week after oficial releasing, if i want it in few days, i can order it from another country.

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