Thursday, November 09, 2006

Samsung introduced SIM card with flash

New type of SIM card introduced by Samsung. It not only fulfill function of phone identity (number) identifier, but also contain 1 GB of NAND type flash. Its really nice, because whole card have size of all normal sim cards, and it will bring nice 1 GB of memory without needing any expanding card (but to most phones you can put 1 another memory card, so it brings nice posibilities). Only thing is, im not sure if it will work with every phone. But why not? think just it will need firmware update, to tell phone how to use that additional space.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Intel quad core, what advantege it will be for user?

After possibility of see it, and see some tests i must say: Normal user would feel no advanteges in 4 cores. Its because of 2 cores at higher frequency are faster in most games, better in playing video etc. Its just because most of software isnt optimalized to use more cores, and than only advantege at 2 cores is fact, that system occupy one core, and game (or anything else) have full power of second core. But there is no difference if processor contain 2 more unused cores. Only in really specific situations it will reveal its huge computing power, but.. There isnt much users who need to run 10 applications which need much computing power together. So for normal user is better now save money, because 4 core is only expensive, and wont hepl him.

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