Thursday, April 06, 2006

AMDs new factory

In Dresden oficially strated manufacturing of processors which should be available on market yesterday. Ya, factory was already manufacturing some processors for few month, but those were samples, used in tests proving that already is ok, and there isnt any problem with equipment or software used to manufacture. It should be really good for all those who love AMD, because those new Fab 36 will more than double its processor production. Old Fab 30 is working on 200 mm waffers, and is (by me) capable to manufacture 90 nm process at best. New Fab 36 should work with 300 mm waffers (twice space on each) and can work also at 65 nm, which should allow to manufacture there also newly developed processors. (I just hope, that soon will be really used 30 nm process, developed by IBM, just think about it, 10 Ghz processor with 8 or more cores.. And in ideal case, this processor translating X86 code for 16 cell processors doing real work..)

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